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Dog Behaviour Problems


Most behavioural issues develop because of experiences learned from interactions with humans and/or other dogs. It may also be because of situations experienced as a pup, for example being separated from its mother too early. 

Fear and survival in dogs

Dogs have a natural nervous disposition when it comes to experiencing new things, it is part of their normal survival instinct to protect themselves and their resources.  All dogs are fearful, without fear they wouldn't survive, the same goes for every other animal on the planet, including humans. Food aggression and possession aggression issues can develop because of a strong survival instinct brought on through insecurity.

Insecurity in dogs

Dogs can suffer from emotional problems brought on by insecurity resulting in; aggression, reactivity on lead and off lead, destructive chewing or urinating in the home. 

All dogs suffer from varying levels of separation anxiety, from the hardly noticeable to the extremely stressed.  If you adopt a rescue dog you may experience anxiety issues or other behaviour problems due to insecurity particularly in the early days after re homing. 


Dogs associate sounds and situations with good or bad experiences, for example, your dog may associate meeting other dogs with being attacked or bitten resulting in fear, or they will associate the sound of their food dish with something good, their lead with walk and so on. Dogs have very little memory so instead of remembering they associate.

Dealing with emotional problems and behaviours

Using counter conditioning and desensitisation techniques I will work with you to solve your dogs emotional behaviour issues. Taking things step by step we will desensitise your dog to whatever triggers a particular behaviour. Some behaviours can be dealt with quite quickly, others can take much longer to deal with. Patience and understanding are the key to solving many of these behaviour problems.

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