Barnsley dog Training

Dog Training and Behaviour Management at Your Home in Barnsley with Martin Trevor.

*Do you have an issue with your dogs behaviour, either at home or on the walk?

*Is your puppy biting too hard, Hyperactive or toileting in the house?
*Are you being pulled all over the place by your dog when walking on lead?
*Does your dog show aggression towards other dogs while out on a walk?
*Is your dog refusing to come back when off lead (no recall)?
*Are you unable to leave your dog alone at home?  

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Dog Behaviour Management and General Training
ADTB Approved Dog Trainer

*Learn how to read dogs, they are constantly trying to communicate with us in their own way. We all assume our dogs understand our words and sentences. Dogs speak a different language and can become confused and frustrated by our actions and words.

*Learn to communicate in a language your dog understands. All you need to know is your dog just wants to please you, but pleasing you can be a confusing business 

*I will demonstrate how to teach your dog using communications the dog understands, no harsh punishment, shouting or use of gadjets etc.

*There are no weeks of classes, I train at your home. Training inside the home and on the walk. If you're unsure just request a call back to discuss your problem.

*Call 07400 354379*

Call Martin on 07400 354379 
For a free no obligation discussion
Based in Clifton, Rotherham, 
South Yorkshire
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