Obedience Training

A dogs first language is body language, it's how they comunicate with each other. A humans first language is vocal, we comunicate with dogs using our chosen vocal language. If we fail to teach our dogs the meaning of the words we use they will become confused and will struggle to understand our communications. Learn how to teach your dog the meaning of your chosen words to avoid confusion. 

Why train a dog?

Dogs need to understand what is being asked of them. They need to be taught the meaning of words. If a dog doesn't listen to you it's usually because there is a communication problem. 

Basic obedience is very important in a dogs life, it provides stability and understanding between dog and owner and helps improve the dog/human relationship. 

The key to good obedience training is time, patience, repetition and consistency. Using positive rewards a dog will learn quickly but you don't need to stand there with a treat in your hand to teach your dog. Just being consistant and repetative when communicating will make it easy for your dog to understand.

Whether you have a puppy, a rescue dog, an older dog, one dog or ten dogs in the house, they all need guidance and training. THE BEST PLACE TO START YOUR TRAINING IS AT HOME.
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